"Richard understands that setting goals, understanding what to measure, and keeping a disciplined eye on both is the success to any business. Many farmers find the business management side of their work to be daunting, unnecessary, difficult and/or boring. Richard’s step by step guide allows a grower to become familiar with the details of business management in a way that is approachable and accessible. Both his book and his consulting services provide tangible results, presented in a friendly and personable way, that can be tailored to work in any type of farming." Julie Rubaud, Red Wagon Plants, VT.



"Richard Wiswall  was easy to work with as a business consultant.  He
understood vegetable farming issues very clearly, and was sensitive to
family concerns.  He guided us through the crop budget analysis process.
He listened well, and was positive and optimistic in encouraging us to
understand our business better.  We are still making changes to adopt his
advice." Joey Klein, Littlewood Farm, VT.



"We'd reached sort of a brick wall in being able to get a clear picture of our business.  Farming is a complicated endeavor.  Lots of small pieces.  Richard  helped us put those pieces together on paper so we could get a clear view of what is working and what isn't.  We have the data now to make operating decisions that will make us more profitable.  And we have the tools ourselves to get more data in the future.  "Teach a person to fish..........." Lee Blackwell, Ruth Richards, Blackwell Roots Farm. Cabot, VT.



“Practical examples, such as a fake desk to show paperwork processing and the maple syrup skit. Richard made all questions seem welcome with lots of useful information.” CSA farmer, WI.




"richard wiswall is the farm consultant i had always dreamed of but didn't
know existed.we worked together for 2+ years. during this time he helped
me to get such a much clearer picture of how i was doing, that it was easy
to trust him to help me steer my farm towards where i envisioned it could

even though i had been running my farm for 30 years, i was often stressed
out not knowing how the farm was really doing and with no tools to project
profitability or the chance of grace.richard gave me attainable exercises
to work on ,which  coupled with his reviews and questions , helped me to
give up a lot of worry and have some data and goals to stand on. these
were not lofty goals but on- the- ground needs that i  was able to define
and then plan a route to getting them done.

we now have better access to our new fields and plants and an irrigation
system . we know how much our crops cost to grow and which are profitable
and which are not.  we use
better,quieter, efficent transport vehicles.the result is a more content
crew and owner. all of this came into focus through working with richard

the other thing about richard wiswall is that he is an honest guy with
integrity and was a real pleasure to meet with. i probably never would
have done all the planning and figuring work if it wasn't for his style of
straightforwardness mixed with genuine kindness."

david fried, owner-grower
elmore roots fruit tree and berry nursery, elmore, vt.


"Richard Wiswall trained me to conduct farm financial business planning;
we worked as a team with four farms. He uses a practical approach that
provides farmers with the tools they need to discover their path to a more
prosperous, satisfying and sane farm business. He provides technical
assistance for production problems and has a gentle thoughtful approach to
deeper farm financial issues. Richard's presentations get farmers started
on examining their farm business in a whole new way with practical tools
and new perspectives about what is possible."
Wendy Sue Harper, WSH Consulting, VT.



"Working with Richard has helped me to look at our farm in a very different way; making logical changes that have really helped us get a better idea where the money is going throughout the season, and have the tools to weigh new sales and marketing options with an eye towards profitability and cohesion with our larger "life goals." His farming experience makes him refreshing to work with as a small farmer. He understands the need to constantly prioritize, the gift  in finding a more efficient way to make a job easier, and ways to help create a crew that really values their part in our farm business." Jill Kopel, New Leaf Farm, VT.





What Others Say

"Richard Wiswall has helped my business become more sustainable. Both his workshops and his book have enabled me to hone my skills in financial analysis, record keeping and all-around professionalism. His firm belief that farms can and should be financially successful provides motivation and encouragement for all of us who make our living on the land."


Mimi Arnstein

Farmer Owner

Wellspring Farm, Marshfield, VT



"It has been such a pleasure working with Richard over the years.  Not only is he knowledgeable about the business of farming, he tempers the hard facts with humour and enthusiasm.  Non-judgmental and generous with his time, we would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to start or fine-tune their farming venture."


Joy and John Primmer

Wildstone Farm, VT




"Richard is an excellent speaker and knows the ins and outs of farm finances. The examples we worked through as a group were great!”


CSA farmer, WI




Richard Wiswall has long had a practical, effective, and user-friendly approach to business management for diversified farms. He’s shared this approach by consulting with individual farmers and through his excellent book aimed at organic vegetable growers. As the Extension vegetable and berry specialist for Vermont I have seen first-hand how his advice has aided the success of farms, from start-ups to those with lots of experience. In person and on paper, Wiz has a lively style that engages farmers in thinking clearly about a topic that is at the core of farm viability.


-Vern Grubinger, VT

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