Having farmed himself fulltime for the last 35 years, Richard knows the joys, frustrations, and the ins and outs of running a farm business. He speaks farming. Richard is happy to share his experience and knowledge to other farmers through individual farm consulting, in addition to his workshops. Contact Richard to see if consulting with you is a good fit. If so, Richard will visit in person, or communicate via phone and email. Consulting sessions in person normally last 1-3 hours, and two to six sessions over a couple of months are all that is usually needed. Richard will give you homework each session, and ask some hard questions. But his goal is always the same- to help you realize your goals and become increasingly financially sustainable. 


"I benefited tremendously from Richard's consulting as part of the Farm Viability Program. His profound knowledge of farming and business combined with a warmth, humor and compassion for what it takes to farm, make him a wonderful teacher and resource for many of us in the farming community in Vermont." Helen Whybrow, Knoll Farm, VT.



"Like many farmers, I know I am indepedent-minded, preferring to think things through then act on them my own. When it comes to Richard, this coda goes out the window. When Richard Wiswall talks I listen. 


   When Richard first consulted with us, at our farm, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was reluctant to open our farm to an outsider. I shouldn't have been. Throughout the two years he worked with us, Richard was positive and supportive of what we were doing and at the same time encouraged us to ask ourselves hard questions about how to move forward, not just now, but into the future. His own experience as a farmer was invaluable, offering us a successful model to compare and learn from. He was free and open with his knowledge and expertise. He made us think about things we hardly even considered before. And in the few ways we saw things differently he was flexible enough to accept it. He truly wanted us to succeed and achieve it in our own way.


    Every farmer, every person can learn something from Richard."


Ken Carter, Stone Hollow Farm, VT. 


"Richard asks the hard and true questions of yourself for your business. He helped shave years off our learning curve, and therefore a faster, more profitable bottom line. He makes you really run the numbers and analyze to make the vision and ideas feasible.

There are enough risks associated with growing and farming, with Richards’s experience, wisdom, guidance and easy manner, rest assured you’ll have the plan down right."

Sara and Bob Schlosser, Sandiwood Farm, VT.



What Others Say

"Richard Wiswall has helped my business become more sustainable. Both his workshops and his book have enabled me to hone my skills in financial analysis, record keeping and all-around professionalism. His firm belief that farms can and should be financially successful provides motivation and encouragement for all of us who make our living on the land."


Mimi Arnstein

Farmer Owner

Wellspring Farm, Marshfield, VT



"It has been such a pleasure working with Richard over the years.  Not only is he knowledgeable about the business of farming, he tempers the hard facts with humour and enthusiasm.  Non-judgmental and generous with his time, we would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to start or fine-tune their farming venture."


Joy and John Primmer

Wildstone Farm, VT




"Richard is an excellent speaker and knows the ins and outs of farm finances. The examples we worked through as a group were great!”


CSA farmer, WI




Richard Wiswall has long had a practical, effective, and user-friendly approach to business management for diversified farms. He’s shared this approach by consulting with individual farmers and through his excellent book aimed at organic vegetable growers. As the Extension vegetable and berry specialist for Vermont I have seen first-hand how his advice has aided the success of farms, from start-ups to those with lots of experience. In person and on paper, Wiz has a lively style that engages farmers in thinking clearly about a topic that is at the core of farm viability.


-Vern Grubinger, VT

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